Our dad was very committed to his service, and subjected all of his life to it. As his family, we understood and admired the fact that each day, with undying enthusiasm, energy and love for the Polish Army he performed his duties. In this passionate work, he was a role model for all of us, we were proud of him and were happy with his every promotion, distinction or praise.  Everyday he taught us the values he himself believed in – honor, courage, honesty, hard work. He taught us not only with words but mainly with his own actions.  By watching how he approached each of us, his co-workers and his military service we could develop our own value systems and base them on a solid foundation.

Our dad’s commitment to the Polish Army was connected with the fact that he was often away from home and we missed him, especially when he was on foreign missions.  Although we understood that this is his job, we missed him and did not want to part with him. Dad was not with us during some of the important events in our lives such as the first communion, confirmation or baccalaureate exam – when our friends had their families to share those moments with, we missed our father, at the same time knowing how much he wanted to be with us then.

As his only daughter, he was my role model of a father and a husband, a loving and caring man who did everything he could for his family to have everything they needed and feel safe.  I cherish every moment I spent with him and its memory, especially given that it will never happen again. Looking from today’s perspective, I regret that I had so few of those moments. Nothing and no-one will be able to replace my father, however I know that everything he taught me throughout my life lets me be who I am today.  Therefore, I do my best to follow his values. I know that dad was proud of his children, he supported us in our activities and did not want any problems to disturb our education and development of our passions.


Patrycja is 23 today, while her brother Michał is 10. They have been under our care since 2016.