“A spark is blinking at Wojtuś from the ashtray. Come, I’ll tell you a fairytale, the fairytale will be long”, sang Andrzej Struj, Assistant Police Commissioner in the General Headquarters of the Police in Warsaw, to his beloved daughters before they went to sleep.  And although all they have today are his memories, they both like to return to the time they spent with their dad playing. The girls also inherited their arts skills from him – Krysia has his vocal talent while Monika loves to perform on stage in front of audiences.

Andrzej was a great, patient and loving father to them. Also at work he was liked by his colleagues who considered him a good friend and a mentor. Despite his toned-down nature, smile rarely disappeared from his face and everyone could count on a kind word or piece of advice from him.  Andrzej was also very active on a police forum where he shared his experiences from his 15-year service.

“Struś” was known as a person who was very committed to the service and who made sure that law and order are abided also when off duty.  In the past, he was member of elite group “Puma” which chased car gangs. Whether in uniform or not, Andrzej was never easy on criminals. That is why, when he was off duty, he stepped in when hooligans started demolishing a tram right in front of him. Unfortunately, he was hit by a blade in the struggle and died from his injuries.  Although for many of us a model officer died that day, Krysia and Monika lost someone much more important.

Krysia is 13 today while Monika is 15. They have been under our care since 2011.